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basecamp build

Just as any great expedition needs a solid basecamp to setoff from, our basecamp build provides the perfect start for any van build on any platform. Through repetition of construction and continuous feedback about design, we have engineered and created the most cost effective, efficient, and comfortable van available. If you are looking for a longer or more comfortable trip, then our add-ons fit seamlessly into the basecamp build in order to provide everything that you need and nothing that you do not.



- DC-DC charger

- MPPT charge controller with Bluetooth monitor

- 2 x 100 watts solar panels

- 2000/4000 watts DC-AC inverter

- Fuse box and switches

- 2 x 100 AH AGM batteries

- MaxxAir vent fan


- Stainless steel box sink

- Gooseneck faucet

- 21 gallon fresh water system

- 7 gallon grey water

- On-demand 12v electric water pump

- Dometic CRX-65 12 volt fridge/freezer

- Pine tongue and groove 

- Portable dual burner propane stovetop

- Butcher block countertop

- Custom kitchen base cabinets

- Slide out, butcher block table

- Tile backsplash



- Two flexible reading lights

- Two USB ports

Dimmable overhead LED lights

- Two outdoor porch lights

- Fully insulated and vapor barrier

- Rattletrap sound dampener

- Waterproof vinyl flooring

- Two 110 volt outlets

- Queen (shortened) 6" memory foam mattress (60"x 70")

- Two bench seats w/ custom cushions

- Large garage/storage area w/ LED lights capable of storing multiple bikes

let's get started

Start your van build in two easy steps. First, select your van type. This gives you the baseline price for your build. Second, upgrade your rig with custom add-ons in order to make this build your own.

step 1: Select your van size






RAM ProMaster 1500 136" Low-Roof

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144" Low-Roof








RAM ProMaster 1500/2500 136"/159" High-Roof

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144" High-Roof






RAM ProMaster 2500/3500 159" Extended, High-Roof

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 170" High-Roof

basecamp build and new van

 136" ProMaster Low-roof


136"/159" ProMaster High-roof


159" ext. ProMaster High-roof


step 2: Choose your add-ons

Sprinter interior


- 100 watts solar panel ($350 per panel)

- 3000/6000 watts inverter ($250)

- 2000/4000 watts inverter with shore power ($600)

- 3000/6000 watts inverter with shore power ($800)

- 2nd MaxxAir vent fan ($500 regular; $650 deluxe)

- Additional AGM battery ($300 per 100 AH)

- Upgraded Lithium battery ($1,400)

- Additional Lithium battery ($950 per 100 AH)

- Larger 12v fridge/freezer ($450)


- Granite sink ($100)

- Ceramic farmer's sink ($150)

- Bamboo countertop ($250)

- Granite countertop ($750)

- Mounted dual burner propane stovetop ($150)

- Induction stovetop ($250; requires large electrical system)

- Propane oven w/ stovetop ($950)

- Overhead kitchen cabinets ($750/cabinet)



- Cedar tongue and groove ($750+)

- 8" memory foam mattress ($175)

- Sliding camper window ($700)

- Model specific window ($850)

- Propex propane heater ($1,600)

- Over bed cabinets ($750)

- Chemical toilet w/ storage ($350)

- Composting toilet w/ storage ($1,650)

- Extra seat ($1,150) double seat ($1,250)

- Heated outdoor shower ($300)

- Swivel seat ($600 per seat)

checkout our previous builds

request a quote and save your build spot
Where are you at with your build?
What type of wood do you want on the walls?
What style of sink?
What type of stovetop or oven?
Want some extra windows?
Want to upgrade your inverter to include shore power to plugin to charge?
Want to add a heater?
How much battery power?
Would you like to add a toilet for late night convenience?
Swivel front seats
Extra jump seat/s
What type of van do you have (see descriptions above)?
What type of countertop?
What type of faucet?
What thickness of bed?
How many solar panels?
Want to upgrade your MaxxAir fan?
What type and size of refrigerator?
What type of battery?
Would you like to add overhead cabinets?
Do you need help with shipping? Attention: all builds are now going out of Carriere, MS
Heated outdoor shower

Thanks for submitting! We will review the info and email the quote for your build shortly

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