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  • Jimmy Sutjak

Weekly Van Sales for Camper Van Builds (July 11-17)

Everyday we are asked to help differentiate the good, the bad, and the ugly between vans. Being a van builder we have a finger on the pulse of the van sales community. We are familiar with all of the different van makes and models so we can provide a more professional perspective on where a van is within its lifespan.

We also have various builds to match all of the different models. Builds starting at $16,500. This provides you, the buyer, with a stable price so that you can factor in the cost of the build into your budget. Through knowing the full cost, perhaps you can go with a newer van with lower miles, or decide to go with an upgraded solar system. Knowing is important, so here is this week's list of vans that we ourselves would buy, build, sell, and even live in.



These are the smallest of the builds in our inventory. This size of van also has the widest variety of makes and models available.

$15,900 (OBO) 2015 Ford Transit 250 (Low Roof)

This van is the perfect base for our Alps build. The width allows for a bed to be fitted sideways, above the wheel wells.

$32,400 Van + Alps Build (minus Tax & Tags)

Pros: Turbo Diesel Motor; year 2015; new factory ford transmission w/ 3 year warranty

Cons: 89,788 miles; Low roof; no rear windows; 130"

View and Buy Here



These are the mid-sized builds in our inventory and the most common van life vans. There is slightly less variety in makes and models because of being hightop, but mid length. The vans provide the perfect platform for a variety of builds for extended adventures or living the van life.

$17,500 (OBO) 2014 Ram ProMaster 2500

This van is the perfect base for our Andes

build. This model has similar dimensions to the more familiar Sprinter, and the build will be almost identical.

$37,000 Van + Andes Build (minus Tax & Tags)

Pros: Turbo Diesel Motor; 94,615 miles

Cons: Located in Illinois, so look out for rusting

View and Buy Here

Top Pick of the Week

$19,950 (OBO) 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144"

The Sprinter is our preferred van for this size build. The motor and chassis are designed to carry around the weight that is added during a build. The vehicles are all diesel, get great gas mileage, and can last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

$39,450 Van + Andes Build (minus Tax & Tags)

Pros: 52,753 miles, windows in the back, clean, located in Florida so less chance of rust from road salt

Cons: Limited number of photos to see inside and underside

View and Buy Here



These are the largest builds in our inventory and common for people who are looking to live in the van longterm. The added size makes it less maneuverable, but offers greater space inside to add more creature comforts such as showers and toilets. The Sprinter 2500 170" wb absolutely dominates in this sector and is always our preferred choice in extended vans.

$18,900 (OBO) 2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 170"

This is the perfect base for our Himalayas build. The shadow of decals remains, but this can either be buffed out, repainted, or add a custom wrap over top of the areas.

$41,400 Van + Himalayas Build (minus Tax & Tags)

Pros: 83,250 miles, Located in Florida so less risk of rust from road salt

Cons: Shadows from decals remains

View and Buy Here

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